Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tayla B talks about her part as Mary

At St Mary’s school we have been working on our end of the year production. I got the part of Mary and it has been very fun to be Mary. She is such an amazing character to play. It was such a great experience. Our production was called journey of celebration! 

Tayla A's time at St Mary's

Wow! It’s exactly a week until our Leaving Mass. I am so nervous. I’m going to be so upset. It is my last year at St Mary’s and next year I am going to high school. It’s going to be a big change. I’m really nervous about leaving all my awesome friends. The Leaving Mass is going to be so sad. I’ve done so many fun and exciting things at St Mary’s but I’ve still got many more adventures to come!!

By Tayla A

Sinead talks about the production

At St Mary’s we have been practicing for our end of year production. On Monday we preformed it for the first time when we had our matinee and last night we preformed our first night performance and tonight we perform it for the last time at 7:00pm. 

Briana reflects on the production

At school lately we have been working on our end of year production. I am an innkeeper and the angel. Our production is called a Journey of CelebrationJ
It is about the Carter family going on their kiwi summer Christmas holiday and Mary and Joseph setting off for Bethlehem getting ready for the birth of baby Jesus.

The Production!

Monday was the Matinee, Wednesday was the first night production and tonight is the last night of the St Mary’s School Journey of Celebration!!!!!

The last 3 weeks at School we have been creating our school production which is called Journey of Celebration. The story begins with Mary and Joseph who are setting off for Bethlehem for the birth of baby Jesus, meanwhile the Carter family who are going on a Summer Holiday to Montego Bay!...

By Karen 

Brooke's end of year...

The end of the year is going to be hard saying goodbye to all my friends and going to different high schools.

By Brooke L J

Alysha reflects...

Life at St Mary’s has been great, even after 8 whole years. I’m going to miss the opportunities you get at St Mary’s, but not at other schools. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to everyone on the last day, especially at the leavers mass! :’(                            


Well done on your recent dancing success Tayla!