Friday, July 15, 2011

Rhys' awesome reflection on the amazing race

Matthew's awesome reflection on the Amazing Race

Cameron's reflection

On the 15th of July we went down to the stream by our school. We made boats that had to carry 750ml of water but no-one put the water in. Me and Kyle boat broke when it hit a rock and the rudders got stuck on the rocks because it was so shallow. So our boat didn’t finish. On my boat I would improve the glue work it wasn’t the best when it hit the water it fell to bits  but everything else was good.

James' reflection

On the last day of term 2 room 7 had an amazing boat race. Every body made a boat and entered it in the boat race, my boat was called The Terminator. It’s on the picture below. If I could change my boat I would make it smaller and use ice cream containers.
By James

Karen's reflection

The Amazing Race was held today, Friday the 15th of July. My group was Brianna, Sinead, Tayla and myself. We made our boat out of 3 milk bottles, duck taped together. Our original boat came second in the non-motored race, we were very proud of our (pathetic) boat. If we raced again we would make a few changes like add some boundary’s and decorations since we decided (and didn’t have time) to go for the original look.

Zarah's reflection

On Friday we raced boats that we made ourselves. They all went up stream because the wind was very strong. Our ship was called the doctor off doctor who. If I was to ever make the doctor again I might make it bigger with more floatation and make it more glam!

Nadia's Amazing Race Reflection

On Friday morning the last day of term two it was time for the amazing race. We had been waiting for weeks and finally the day had arrived. We got to school and made some modifications to our boats. But in our case it wasn’t just any boat. It was the “Doctor Who” pirate ship. Sadly our boat didn’t win though. Infact it came third last and sank a lot. But an astounding effort none the less. Then we watched the motored race. After all the excitement it was time to go back to school. I think if we ever decide to race the doctor again we will use a bit more glue and maybe some more things that will add floatation

By Nadia

Sinead's glogster

Brianna's reflection

Emma's Amazing Race

The Amazing Race
If I could change 1 thing on my boat I would add 2 bottles to the bottom so if we had to carry water down the river then the water would be even on both sides of the boat and it wouldn’t tip to one side.

Tom's reflection

The Amazing Race
Today with Mrs K we raced our boats that we had been making over a couple of weeks.
In the end Emma and Brooke’s boat Nigel won the unmotored race and Rhys remote controlled boat owned in the motored race. My boat was a bit of a fail because it ripped apart on the rocks. If we raced again I would decorate our boat more and put on a sail and some rudders.

Matthew's reflection

Kyle's reflection

Today in Room 7 at St Mary’s we had the amazing boat race. Cameron and I made a sail boat for the none motor race. If I were to do it again I would make the sail bigger make the ratters smaller. I would make the ratters more useful and I would add something to make it steer better. I enjoyed the race but sadly it broke. It that was left was a bottle.

By Kyle

Today Room 7 at St Mary’s had an Amazing Boat Race. This was my boat that me and my Dad made at home. It got entered into the motor race because we put propellers at back of it so it would move. It had switches to turn it on and off and it was battery powered. The boat was a big success the only problem was it did donuts.If I were to do it again I would make the propellers bigger and make it so it would go straight the race was really and I want to do it again.
By Kyle

Brooke's reflection of the Amazing Race

Today was the Amazing Race and I was in a group with Emma. We made a boat out of a ice cream container 2 pipes and a margarine container.
Emma and I won the race. Our boat was called Nigel The Party Boat!
If I had to change anything it would probably be paint the ice-cream container.
Here is Emma and my boat!

Tayla B's glogster

Tayla A's glogster

Maddy's glogster of the 'Amazing Race'

Leon's reflection

Early in the morning we went to the “stream down the road”, it was absolutely freezing and the current was going the wrong way. We set up the starting gate then realized the current was going upstream. We had to rearrange the starting and finishing gates in the freezing cold. Our hands were so numb we could not even feel them. We then chucked our boats in, but some boats just capsized. The Nigel party boat was first to actually move in the non powered race, but in the powered race the 757 syhr boat sped out ahead and took the race by storm, and then won the spoils, (which was nothing)

Quintin's glogster

Shannon's movie - great choice of music Shannon

The Amazing Race

This is my boat. If I could change any thing I would make it bigger and more streamline so it could go faster and have a sail and a mast. I hope we can do it next year.