Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Art Gallery Visit

We had a great time at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, learning about the pollution of the rivers and the oceans plus collage techniques with John.  The focus of our lesson was thinking about the messages art can give people.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PCT Challenge

This year we entered three teams in the PCT challenge.  We had a great morning although our times weren't at the top of the scoresheet.  A huge thank you to Bridget, Geoff and Debbie who looked after our teams and transported us.

Golf Coaching

During Term 3 we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to have golf coaching with Melanie at Belleknowes and Taieri Golf Course.  Two groups had two 1/2 day sessions each, which was a great way to develop our skills.

Long time no posts!

It seems Room 7 have been so busy over the past term and a half we have forgotten to keep you updated.  Term 3 whizzed by and now we find ourselves nearing the end of Term 4.  Watch this space for some recent highlights to be posted.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spectacular Supporter

Where would we have been on Thursday without our dedicated supporter and chief cheerleader.  Thanks for your enthusiastic support.

Winter Sports Exchange

The day and ground conditions were perfect for our annual Winter Sports Exchange which was hosted by St Joseph's (Oamaru) this year.  

We played hard and fair but the results didn't go our way.  
A big thank you to Mr MacKenzie, Mr O'Neill and Mr Brosnahan for spending the day with us, to coach, support and transport us.  

Thank you Mrs Matheson, Mrs Michelle and Rhys for their time preparing us for the exchange as our coaches.

Congratulations Ethan

Ethan has had great success lately with his singing.  
Keep following your passions Ethan.  Well done.

Completed Technology Projects

We really enjoy our Monday sessions at Taieri College where we take part in Technology.  Here are some of our latest completed projects.

Snapshot 7!

Snapshot 6!

Snapshot 5!

Snapshot 4!

It has been awhile since our last Snapshots but here is the next installment.  Are you ready for the next four Snapshots?

Making Music

Near the end of the term we spent time learning about music.  Our unit included music notation and playing the recorder.  It was a great success, although some parents may disagree when they were subjected to Thursday nights when dedicated students practised their recorder playing at home in preparation for their assessment.

Hadden Shield 2016

On Wednesday the 6th of July we hosted the annual inter-school speech competition with Outram.  It was a great evening.  

All students presented excellent persuasive speeches on a wide range of topics.  

We were very lucky this year to have two exceptional judges join us.  Many thanks to Lynne and Karen for doing this for us.

Congratulations to all competitors.  A special congratulations to our place getters.

  • In the Year 6 section 
    •  Johanna "1st Place"
    • Georgia "2nd Place"
  • In the Year 7 section
    • Eva "2nd Place"
    • Olivia "3rd Place"
  • In the Year 8 section
    • Ben "2nd Place"

Extra Spelling Quiz

Nearing the end of last term we had three teams take part in the Year 7 & 8 Extra Spelling Quiz.  They all enjoyed their evening out, although we didn't take any prizes away.  Maybe next year.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Celebrating Mass with Our Buddy Class

Monica Brown Concert

On Tuesday the whole school travelled by bus with their buddy classes to be entertained by Monica Brown.  It was an interesting presentation where we sung, danced, listened to messages about Jesus and watched some great mime work by Kayla and Eva.  

The performance was attended by all but two of the Dunedin Catholic Primary Schools and was held at Holy Name Church.

A big thank to Ben, Thomas, Kayla and Eva who represented St Mary's superbly in their role as ushers for the morning.

2 Sharp - Our School News Channel

Our Buddy Assembly had a twist this time with Ben and Ethan taking the role of our local news readers to deliver what had been happening in Room 1 and Room 7 via 2 Sharp!  There were also special reports from the field reporters to highlight upcoming events.  It was a fun way to share our learning with the school.

Word Building Challenge

When the Kapa Haka meet to practice the students who are left are joined by students from Room 6 and Room 4.  During these sessions we take part in different challenges.  One of the challenges was a team word building challenge.  We had to use all of 51 letter tiles to form words.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Snapshot 3!

Snapshot 2!

Snapshot of the Students in Room 7

Over the next few weeks we will share our Google Slides that tell a little about us.  We hope you enjoy them.

One Weekend, One Backpack!

On Friday Harley from World Vision visited us to inform us about this years 40 Hour Famine.  It was good to hear from Harley about this years challenge "One Weekend, One Backpack" which is one of the ways you can complete the famine this year rather than the traditional method of going without food.

There are over 10 of us already signed up for this years famine which is great.  This years appeal is raising money for Refugee Children in Syria through creating "Child Friendly Spaces".  Every cent we raise will make a difference.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Skills with Soccer South

On Friday we began our five week coaching skills sessions with Soccer South.  

Supporting Our Buddies Literacy Learning

During Buddy Time we help our buddies with learning their high frequency words through a range of activities.

Buddy Time with an Anzac Day focus

At the start of this term we spent time learning about Anzac Day with our buddies.  It was a good opportunity to read some of the school library books on Anzac Day.  We also made a handprint wreath to help us think about the ways we commemorate this significant day.  It was great to share our learning as a school at our Anzac Day Assembly.


Kiwi Golf with Melanie

It was a wet and miserable afternoon but our spirits couldn't be dampened as we headed across to Kiwi Golf with Melanie.  Luck would have it that once we started the rain stopped and a blue sky started to creep through the clouds.

We always enjoy furthering our golf skills each year with Melanie and some of us will be lucky enough to be involved in more golf coaching later in the year.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mount Iron - writing

Huffing and puffing, my wobbling knees about to pop out.  My face red all because we have made it to the view point of Mount Iron.  It is amazing.  

I forgot to take my sneakers so I am getting blisters.  I have to take my shoes off and go bare foot.  The mud oozes out of the soggy ground.  Rocks pressed into my feet.

Relief as we arrive back at the car.

Written by Sarah

Mythical Sea Creature - writing

Here is the visual prompt we could use for our 50 word writing challenge this month.  Read Chloe's piece below:

I'm difficult to find, when scared I turn the colour I'm touching.  When under attack I swim as fast as lightning.

Shimmering as I swim close to the top, rainbows fly everywhere.  Napping on the sandy floor, nothing knows I'm there.

No-one has ever seen me and no-one ever will.

By Chloe

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A huge success!

A huge thank you to the members of St Mary's school who supported our cake stall.  Thanks to your generosity we raised $354.30 a fantastic effort.

We hope everyone enjoyed their goodies.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Check out the goodies!

Here are some of the fantastic items we have for sale at our first cake stall for the year.  Certainly some great buys for 3 pm.  

Our second camp fundraiser for the year.