Monday, March 19, 2012


Wonderful bright flame
So beautiful in the night
Dancing in the light

By Josh

Friday, March 16, 2012


Beaming like the sun
Orange flippers going swoosh
Beak going quack quack.

By Jack


Shiny golden fur
Bold black paws to jump on prey
Beautiful blue eyes

By Jack

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Our School Welcome Wall"

What a fantastic TEAM effort on our Welcome Wall! Every student has drawn a picture or symbol to show what St Mary's means to them. Many thanks to the Whanau leaders and teachers who co-ordinate this great visual display in our foyer. Enjoy spending time looking at our Welcome Wall.

"Our School Vision in Action"

We have been discussing what each part of our School Vision means for us. Here are some photos of us demonstrating our vision as we complete Y-charts to help us know what we would see, hear and feel as we aspire to fulfill our school vision everyday.

Visit Room 7 and find out more from our class display.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


On the second week of Term 1 we made kaleidscopes. First we folded a piece of paper into eight tringles. We got a cut out piece of paper that was shape as a tringle and wrote our names in it in bubble writing then we traced it up against a window, we had to reflect every second name before tracing the outline. Then we coloured it in to give the appearance of a Kaleidscope.

By Jack and Tryin

Self-portraits with a Twist

We made self portraits with a twist. We did them with our eyes closed. We were given instructions to follow and moved our finger around our face to guide our pencil. We had three or four goes and then choose one to outline in vivid and colour in pastel.

By Kyle and Lewis

Young Vinnies

In Room 7 we had Bevin Kinnraid come in and talk to us about a group called the "Young Vinnies". The Young Vinnies is a kids Catholic group like the Salvation Army. They Young Vinnies help the elderly and poor. We spent some time nominating people for President and other positions.

By Josh and Chanse