Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rafting - installment two

It was Wednesday the 27th of March and we floated quietly, waiting.  There was a loud shout and I was dragged into the water.  When I surfaced Lewis was behind me laughing.  I climbed back into the boat and waited until we caught up with the other boats.  I waited then launched myself at the girls raft leader, Lesley.  I managed to get hold of her life jacket but my fingers slipped and I splashed back into the water.  I dragged myself around the side of the boat.  I grabbbed Jaylah's life jacket and dragged her into the water.  We carried on dragging people under for the rest of the day.  A day thoroughly enjoyed by all.  (Josh H)

It is the day of rafting, the 27th of March.  I am looking fowrad to the day.  I just can't wait to get in the raft with the girls.  The raft was going slow so the other teams caught up with us and jumped on our raft.  They pushed us off so we got tough and got them back.  The girls went fast and we called the others the Pirate Crew.  Near the end we got to tip our raft and get on top of it and play a game on the top.  When we jumped off the top we made a big splash in the water.  The boys went on the top next and flipped off.  On the way back to the cars I swam.  (Janaya)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rafting 100 Word Challenge

We were set the task of writing about our rafting trip during Term 1.  To do this we had to write 100 words.  Here are some pieces of writing for you to enjoy.

On Wednesday the 27th of March we were calmly floating along on a raft when we were ambushed by my dad and his band of miscreants.  Some of us abandoned ship and swam for another raft.  The rest of us grabbed for the paddles and soaked the others on their raft.  They jumped onto our raft and threatened to tip us.  We managed to get the stragglers off our boat and get away from the other raft.  To go faster we started to chant, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four etc.  We finally reached dry land and safety.  (by Max)

On the 27th of March we almost got killed by a bunch of hungry, hungry crocodiles when we were out rafting.  They were chasing us like we were their prey.  We were paddling away as fast as we could.  I said to Lesley, "They are gaining on us".
"All forward, all forward", yells Lesley.  We were all screaming our heads off.
"Help, help, help", we all cried.  Then I looked around to see the crocodiles almost eating my paddle.  All I could think about was dying.  I thought to myself, I'm too young to die.  Then I heard a helicopter.  I looked around no crocodiles. 
"Hooray, we are safe".  (by Jaylah)

Pirates jumping from raft to raft.  Dragging people off.  Swimming to safety from other pirates. 
A couple of weeks ago we went rafting.  Honestly it was like being a pirate, dunking people and raiding other rafts.  Our goal was to push or pull Lesley, one of the instructors off the raft.  I jumped onto my Dad's raft ..... and he chucked me off and made my mouth fill with water.  My shins were bruised and battered from getting pulled on. 
Rafting was a great success and was an awesome time.  I hope we do it again soon.  (by Callum)

On Wednesday Room 7 went rafting.  When we got into the raft we went to a big rock to jump off.  The girls held everyone up.  When they got out of the way it was the boys turn.

After the jump Brendan cut his hand on a rock, then we got back into the rafts.  We went around the corner.  People started to push people out of their raft, then we jumped from raft to raft, pushing people out of them.  All of the kids started to push all of the parents out but they could not get them out of their rafts.  Then we went back to dry land.  (by Tony)

Watch this space for the next installment of writing in a day or two. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Awesome Effort All!

Congratulations Room 7 on a fantastic Cake Stall today.  Thank you to everyone who baked and prepared goodies to sell today.  A special thanks to all of Room 7 for working together all day to get everything ready for sale time at 3pm. 
You raised over $400.00 towards your summer camp. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brain Challenge!!

Exercise your brain and get your "Nigel Neurons" working.

Post a comment with the best joke you know about BRAINS. 
We will share these with the class on Friday.

Congratulations to our latest Xtramath Champions

Great work Josh and Mitchell for being the first students in Room 7 to earn a certificate in Xtramath.  Good luck for your next stage.

Who will be next??????

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Xtra Math Challenge

Who is going to be the first person this year to earn an Xtra math certificate?  It only takes a couple of minutes a day to practise your basic facts and make a difference to your learning.

Good luck Room 7

PS Josh I will have to find another challenge for you seeing as you are already an Xtra Math Champion.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Litte Chick and her Egg are still in Room 7

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Little Chick and her Egg to earn yourself points for the Easter Goodies on Thursday.  Just post a comment with the locations to be in to win.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Highlights from the start of our year


One of our highlights is sailing.  We really enjoyed all the fun and fantastic activities we did and also enjoyed sailing in the optimist yachts. We listened to the instructor and he told us everything we needed to know about sailing. Then we started our way up slowly to allow us to learn all the different kids of sailing rules. We just can’t wait to start again next year or later this year!


Our second highlight is going to technology we love cooking, designing our own recipes, doing wood work and metal work. The types of pasta we make are really interesting and yummy. We are always very excited on Thursdays to start a new adventure.

Whanau Games

A few weeks ago we had Whanau games it was great fun and the activities were great for making us puff.  Some of the games were water race, blue mat, water balloons and more. We only do Whanau games once a year. The Whanau games were one of our highlights because we loved changing over to different kinds of activities every fifteen minutes.

Fear Factor

A couple of days ago some of the people in our class got put into groups of four (two girls and two boys).  The Fear Factor was all about testing your skills with what to do in a fire and what you would do if someone was in danger. This is our version of becoming a police officer.

We can’t wait until rafting next week! J

Our Highlights of the start of the year

 Some highlights of our year are …

  • Whanau games because it was our first year to help organize the event and it was lots of fun demonstrating how to play the games.
  • Sailing because we got to try something new and we had an exciting experience.
  • Having Mrs Baines as our teacher in 2013

Whanau Picnic & Games

Two weeks ago we had a Whanau Picnic and Games afternoon. First we ate our lunch and then we played some games.  Room 7 set the games up for the school, here are some of the games:
*water race
*water throw
*blue mat
* and lots of other games
We had lots of fun.

Then we split up into our Whanau and got ready for our big game.  The game that everybody had been waiting for was when you have to run carrying a balloon however you wish but you can't use your hands.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Chick Hunt

Find "Little Chick" and her "Egg" and earn points on the Easter Chick Hunt.  The person with the most points on Thursday the 28th of March will win a selection of Easter Goodies.  To earn points you need to place a comment with the location of "Little Chicken" or her "Egg".  Points are awarded for the first to the fifth people to locate each item.  Once five people have located each they are moved to new hiding spots.  Happy hunting.

The start of 2013

At the start of the year we had a new school.  We were looking forward to a big grass area and a new place to learn.  A few days later we had the official school opening and there were lots of past teachers and parents. Kapa Haka sung some great songs and the school was blessed. Lewis cut the cake and Samatha cut the ribbon. The new school is awesome.

Whanau Games


A few weeks ago we had a games afternoon.  We had to organise a game for the each Whanau. We were responsible for the water balloon toss activity. First of all we had to fill up a lot of water balloons. Once we had filled all of them up we had to figure out what we were going to do for the game because we didn’t have enough for everyone to have more than two.  We decided that once they had popped their water balloons they went over to throwing the bean bags and tennis balls into hoop.  Each hoop had a different number of points and whoever had the most points at the end won. The games afternoon was a lot of fun.        

Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Highlights


A few weeks ago we went to the Otago Yacht Club to learn to sail. The yacht instructor taught us what everything was, how to steer and tie the ropes. Then we went off into pairs to the waterfront.  We were in optimist yachts which are like really small boats you can only fit 2 people in. We raced from buoy to buoy, played netball and soccer. It was really fun and overall a great experience.



Every Thursday Room 7 walk down to Technology at Taieri College. The Year 8's are doing metalwork and the Year 7's are doing cooking. We have made lots of yummy food like Spanish omelets, scones, macaroni , pasta.  Last week we made our own pasta creations without recipies which most of us thought were delicious.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Challenge

Use your imagination and all of the tools in your learners tool kit and create a display, blog post, poster, video clip ...........  The list of how you could do this is endless so choose what suits you best.

The challenge is to create a visual display that shares about your family with Room 7. 

Remember throughout the term there are going to be a number of challenges.  The more challenges you complete to a high standard the more points you earn for the class competition. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Buddies

Meet our Buddies.  We meet with our Room 1 Buddies every Friday from 11 - 11:30 am.  This is a fun time and a great way to get to know the younger children in our school.  Thanks for hosting us each week Mrs Ngatai.

Soccer Success

Congratulations Jayden on your successful selection into the Burnley Soccer Academy.  We look forward to updates on the blog about your training kit and schedule.  All the best as you begin this very busy programme.

Introducing Room 7 2013

Please meet the fantastic Room 7 class for 2013.  A great group of learners who have begun the year with enthusiasm and dedication.