Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rafting - installment two

It was Wednesday the 27th of March and we floated quietly, waiting.  There was a loud shout and I was dragged into the water.  When I surfaced Lewis was behind me laughing.  I climbed back into the boat and waited until we caught up with the other boats.  I waited then launched myself at the girls raft leader, Lesley.  I managed to get hold of her life jacket but my fingers slipped and I splashed back into the water.  I dragged myself around the side of the boat.  I grabbbed Jaylah's life jacket and dragged her into the water.  We carried on dragging people under for the rest of the day.  A day thoroughly enjoyed by all.  (Josh H)

It is the day of rafting, the 27th of March.  I am looking fowrad to the day.  I just can't wait to get in the raft with the girls.  The raft was going slow so the other teams caught up with us and jumped on our raft.  They pushed us off so we got tough and got them back.  The girls went fast and we called the others the Pirate Crew.  Near the end we got to tip our raft and get on top of it and play a game on the top.  When we jumped off the top we made a big splash in the water.  The boys went on the top next and flipped off.  On the way back to the cars I swam.  (Janaya)

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