Saturday, February 28, 2015

Are you ready for your first Blog Challenge for the year?

Be the first Room 7 student to post a comment with the correct solution to both of the challenges and you take home the prize.  Be the first Room 7 student to post on your solutions for the challenges and you get a tiny edible prize.

Challenge 1:

Which one of the following is used to measure very small lengths such as the thickness of a sheet of paper?
vernier,  galvanometer, micrometer, sextant, photometer

Challenge 2:
In which situation is Mr Seaton likely to be reprimanded?

a.  Mr Seaton, the accountant, is two hours late.
b.  Mr Seaton, the accountant is two hours late.

A challenge for any of our St Mary's families who are not in Room 7.  Be the first family to comment with the correct solution and you will receive a prize.  Remember in your comment to put your child's name and their Room number so we know where to take the prize.

Challenge for the families:

Janet and John buy land for $250,000.  Janet pays $150,000 and John pays the rest.  When the land sells for $300,000, they divided the money in the same ratio as their original payments.  How much does John receive from the sale of the land?

A challenge for our school staff.  Be first staff member to comment with the correct solution and you will receive a prize.

Challenge for the staff:

Kirsty's school locker has a two-digit number on it.  The sum of the two digits is 10 and their difference is 2.

If the locker number is less than 50, what number is it? 

Check out the amazing Kakariki Whanau Group in action

Thank you to our leaders Bridget and Akayla who have been leading our Whanau sessions on being "Confident".  Today we worked on our self portraits.  We are really looking forward to our next sessions when they have promised to teach us some cool games.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cricket with Tim

Learning Chinese with Wendy

Wendy took us for a Chinese language lesson today.  We learned how to say hello, my name is.... ,  thank and good-bye.  We played a game to practise our learning.  Thank you for taking us Wendy.  Room 7 thought it was really fun and had a great time.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Whanau Games

On Wednesday the 9th of February 2015 we had our annual school Whanau  Games. All school Whanau groups went round four activities including Sponge Run, Parachute, Bean Bag Toss and Fill the Bucket. It was an all round success for the whole school.

The Sponge Run was a new event for the Whanau games this year.  Fill the Bucket was a favourite from  the past Whanau games. Parachute was one of the favourite  activities.   Bean Bag Toss was from past years. 

A big thank you to Mrs Baines and Room 7 for organising the fantastic time for everyone throughout the school.

R7 Caterpillars

We have got four caterpillars on our swan plant, two of our caterpillars are in their chrysalis.  The caterpillars came from Jack and Harris'swan plants.  Their names are Brodie,Lee, Dave and Barry. They eat a lot of leaves and eat very fast. They can also crawl very fast. All of Room Seven are very excited to have four caterpillars that will change into monarch butterflies.

Thank you Jack and Harris.

Buddy time

Every Friday at 12 o'clock Room 7 go over to their buddy class Room 1 and have buddy time for half an hour.  Some of the activities are arts & craft, games, reading books and passing a ball around. 
After half an hour we sadly have to say goodbye until next week. We really enjoy spending time with our buddies.

Here are some photos of our first buddy time together where we read books:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stunning day for our first touch games for 2015

Congratulations to both of our teams today.  Good to see team work and positive attitudes at the touch field.

Not only were there elements of magic on the field while I was watching Brodie was up to his own magic!