Saturday, February 28, 2015

Are you ready for your first Blog Challenge for the year?

Be the first Room 7 student to post a comment with the correct solution to both of the challenges and you take home the prize.  Be the first Room 7 student to post on your solutions for the challenges and you get a tiny edible prize.

Challenge 1:

Which one of the following is used to measure very small lengths such as the thickness of a sheet of paper?
vernier,  galvanometer, micrometer, sextant, photometer

Challenge 2:
In which situation is Mr Seaton likely to be reprimanded?

a.  Mr Seaton, the accountant, is two hours late.
b.  Mr Seaton, the accountant is two hours late.

A challenge for any of our St Mary's families who are not in Room 7.  Be the first family to comment with the correct solution and you will receive a prize.  Remember in your comment to put your child's name and their Room number so we know where to take the prize.

Challenge for the families:

Janet and John buy land for $250,000.  Janet pays $150,000 and John pays the rest.  When the land sells for $300,000, they divided the money in the same ratio as their original payments.  How much does John receive from the sale of the land?

A challenge for our school staff.  Be first staff member to comment with the correct solution and you will receive a prize.

Challenge for the staff:

Kirsty's school locker has a two-digit number on it.  The sum of the two digits is 10 and their difference is 2.

If the locker number is less than 50, what number is it? 


  1. Challenge 1 micro meter 2 b

  2. Congratulations Ben you are the first to comment and you have the correct answers. You prize will be delivered soon.

  3. Hello Mrs Baines and Room 7, my guess is 46. Fingers crossed!

  4. Congratulations Mrs Matheson, you have won the staff prize.