Sunday, November 22, 2015

Individual design and talent

Check out some of the great art work and art designs students have completed for this years calendar art.  A range of excellent pieces, well done guys.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A new experience for many!

On Friday we were privileged to attend a "Benediction Mass".  Father Michael led the service and it was a great learning opportunity for many of us who have not been to a Benediction before.

Who knew that flicking a tea towel was a great skill to continue todevelop?

Usually the flick of a tea towel has the purpose of annoying or inflicting pain on a sibling.  This may be true but on Monday we learnt a new reason for practising tea towel flicking and this is to help us with throwing a forehand in Ultimate.

Thanks Mark for running our skills session.

New Record Set with The Dillon Cup

A big congratulations to Pyper for her achievement at the South Taieri Athletics Day winning the Dillon Cup.

This was a fantastic result on Wednesday but even more significant is that Pyper has won the cup for three consecutive years.  An exceptional record.  We'll done Pyper.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Camp Highlights

What an amazing time we had at camp last week.  It was fantastic to see everyone challenging themselves in unfamiliar territory during activities but also around and about camp life.  

Along with the confidence of the group growing and the huge risk-taking that was involved a highlight for me would have to be the "Care", "Respect" and "Compassion" that was shown by the students to each other throughout the camp.  It was amazing to see how you looked out for one another.  If someone was struggling you were there to encourage them, reassure them and support them.  

A huge thank you to Luanna, John, Charlie, Bridget, Paul and Mr Brosnahan for being great camp parents and staff without your support, encouragement and time camp would not have been possible.