Friday, June 29, 2012

Taieri Music Festival

On Wednesday and Thursday night the St Mary’s School choir performed at Taieri College for the Taieri Schools Music Festival.
We sang some massed choir items and then individual items. Our school sang an Elvis medley. Our favourite massed choir song was Video Killed the Radio Star. We got given glow sticks to wave around during the middle of the song.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kapa Haka June 2012

On Friday, the St. Mary’s Kapahaka group went to Middlemarch. We went on a bus; it took around an hour and a half. When we finally got there we went to the park and had our morning tea. After that we were welcomed into the hall by the Middlemarch Kapahaka group. We sat down and then they sang some songs. Once they had sung a few songs it was our turn. We sang two songs and then we shook all their hands. After that we sang Haere Mai together. Then we walked down to the school and had a BBQ lunch. The senior boys and girls and the younger ones split off into groups. The girls learned some new things with the poi. The boys played some hand games and the Yr 1,2 and 3’s learned new things with the rakau. Now it was time to go back to school so we all jumped on to the bus. We headed back. We listened to music and we were soon back by 3:00 in time to go home.

Extra Spelling Quiz 2012

Congratulations to the teams who represented St Mary’s at the Extra Spelling Quiz on Monday the 11th of June.  You represented our school well and demonstrated a good understanding of word studies and spelling. 

We had two Year 5&6 teams and two Year 7 & 8 teams.  This is a fun evening where the teams compete against over 40 teams from other schools. 

Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and who stayed to watch the teams on the night. 

We will be entering teams in the Extra Current Events Quiz which happens later in the year.

My Mindcraft design

Kapa Haka Tour June 2012

On Friday the 8th of June 2012 the Kapa Haka group went to Middlemarch on a bus. When we got there we had morning tea and played on the playground.  We went into the and we sung some songs that we had learnt. Then we walked over to the school so that we could have lunch. We had sausages with some juice. After eating we played around the school until we had to gather on the court to break into groups. The little kids did the rakau, the older girls did poi and the boys did some hand games. When we had finished doing the activities we gathered on the court for the final goodbye. We sung toia mai then we hoped on the bus and went home. 

Golf with Melanie Harper

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mufti Hat Day

Last week on Wednesday our school had a mufti day where everyone wore a hat. Some of the people got taken out of class to have a photo taken.  The people with the craziest hats were in the photo. Some of the hats were big, some of the hats were small and some of the hats were fluffy. We all had lots of fun our wearing our hats for the day.  The money raised is for the Chair of Neurosurgery at Otago University and the Dunedin Hospital.

The Transit of Venus

On the 6-6-12 we all watched the transit of Venus on the school courts.  It was amazing to see the transit of Venus it only comes every 105 years when it passes the sun                                         

Our Cake Stall Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting our Cake Stall Fundraiser.  We raised $343.60 from the Cake Stall which will go towards our Winter Camp.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Leaping Lizards

On Friday the 25th May Room 7 from St Mary’s went to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. When we got there we were met by John. We went on a tour around the Art Gallery. John told us about a few of the paintings and exhibitions.

Following the tour we went into a room and watched a video on animals in the circus.

We went into the art room and John told us that we were going to make leaping lizards. We got a piece of paper and we drew a lizard then we coloured it in using patterns. We cut the lizard out then cut leaves out of the material we were given. We took them over to John and he hot glued them so it looks like they were standing up. When we were all finished we got in the cars and went back to school.

Lewis' Poetry Recital

Falling Asleep in Class

I fell asleep in class today
As I was awfully bored
I laid my head upon my desk
And closed my eyes and snored

I woke to find a piece of paper
Sticking to my face
I’d slobbered on my textbooks
And my hair was a disgrace

My clothes were badly rumpled
And my eyes were glazed and red
My binder left a three ring
Indentation in my head

I slept though class, and probably
I would have slept some more
Except my students woke me
As they headed out the door

By Kenn Nesbitt