Monday, June 11, 2012

Leaping Lizards

On Friday the 25th May Room 7 from St Mary’s went to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. When we got there we were met by John. We went on a tour around the Art Gallery. John told us about a few of the paintings and exhibitions.

Following the tour we went into a room and watched a video on animals in the circus.

We went into the art room and John told us that we were going to make leaping lizards. We got a piece of paper and we drew a lizard then we coloured it in using patterns. We cut the lizard out then cut leaves out of the material we were given. We took them over to John and he hot glued them so it looks like they were standing up. When we were all finished we got in the cars and went back to school.


  1. Hi my name is Ryan I am from Melville intermediate Hamilton New Zealand I liked all the lizard drawings and how you done all the different patterns on them and the leaves.

  2. Hi guys those lizards looked really cool my friend can make a frog that jumps if you want to see our page visit melville intemediate room 5 i liked the song to i listened to it about a thousand times yesterday i also liked the colours and the patterns bye!