Monday, November 26, 2012


Room 7 Year 7’s and 8’s from St Mary’s have been doing technology. The Year 7’s have been doing woodwork for awhile now and it has been real fun. But it can be hard sometimes. We have been working on our money boxes and wooden half pipes. Everyone has pretty much finished their money boxes but for a few people.  I am glad we get to go to technology every Thursday because it has been so much fun. We have also done other things like cooking and sewing.  They have also been real fun.

Out of the three things we have been doing I think cookings the best. For the money boxes we have had to do a lot of sanding and we have also been doing a little bit of writing in our technology booklets but it wasn’t that hard do to the work in our booklets. We are all privileged to get to go every Thursday and it is still awesome.



Through out the year we have been doing Japanese. Learning words such as how to say hello to someone, how to count from 0 to 19 and how to read phone numbers and write in hiragana. How to say hello at different times of the day.   At the moment we are learning to say how old are you? And who is this? The other day we had some Japanese chocolates that Mr Baines brought us back from his trip to Japan with Taieri College.
·          Ohayoo Gozimasu" is a way to say hello.
·          Another way of saying hello at a different time of the day is "Konba wa".
·           How to ask a person what their name is you say "Onamae Wa Nan Desu Ka"
·          if you were a girl you would respond saying "watashi wa Jaylah desu".
·          If you were a boy you would say "boku wa Jonty desu".

Friday, November 16, 2012

Term 4 Fitness

For Term Four fitness each whanau group's leaders had to find or create games that improve a certain skill that would be helpful for your PE skill development. One group is doing games about jumping, another is doing it about running, throwing etc. Each whanau group will rotate around all of the activities over the term and completes one activity a day. This will go on everyday at 10:30 and end at 10:45 (only if the ground isn’t wet)   

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Your challenge for Week 5 is to come up with a joke or a pun about bears. Post your joke or pun in the comments section (remember to sign your name with your comment or it may be deleted). In class you need to explain why it is a joke or the meaning behind the pun. Prizes for the best.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Golf lessons at Belleknowes

What a place to spend a morning of learning!

Check out the great view that the golf group  from Room 7 got to look at while they were busy learning and developing their golf skills.

Belleknowes Golf Course: 7 November - am

If only we could all spend our time like this! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Challenge for Week 4!!

Have your eyes peeled in Room 7 this week for the "Happy Sunflower".  If you locate the "Happy Sunflower" you need to send a comment saying where the "Happy Sunflower" is in our class.  The first two people to correctly say where the "Sunflower" is by adding a blog comment with its location will get a sweet treat then the Sunflower will be relocated. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

St. Marys Time Capsule: Part 1

At St Marys this month we are going to plant two time capsules in the grounds of the current and future school sites. We will be putting in objects that are typical for our time and hope they will be found in the next few decades. Each Whanau group is thinking about what to put in. More news coming soon!

Here are some of the Whanau groups planning what could go into the time capsule.  Do you have any ideas you could suggest?

All Blacks come to Mosgiel

On Tuesday we walked to Peter Johnstone Park to see four of the All Blacks.  The players were introduced to us and then we got a school photo taken.  After all the schools had their photos taken we got to line up and get their autographs.  Seeing the All Blacks was awesome.  We wish the whole All Black team could have come.