Monday, November 26, 2012


Room 7 Year 7’s and 8’s from St Mary’s have been doing technology. The Year 7’s have been doing woodwork for awhile now and it has been real fun. But it can be hard sometimes. We have been working on our money boxes and wooden half pipes. Everyone has pretty much finished their money boxes but for a few people.  I am glad we get to go to technology every Thursday because it has been so much fun. We have also done other things like cooking and sewing.  They have also been real fun.

Out of the three things we have been doing I think cookings the best. For the money boxes we have had to do a lot of sanding and we have also been doing a little bit of writing in our technology booklets but it wasn’t that hard do to the work in our booklets. We are all privileged to get to go every Thursday and it is still awesome.

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