Monday, November 26, 2012



Through out the year we have been doing Japanese. Learning words such as how to say hello to someone, how to count from 0 to 19 and how to read phone numbers and write in hiragana. How to say hello at different times of the day.   At the moment we are learning to say how old are you? And who is this? The other day we had some Japanese chocolates that Mr Baines brought us back from his trip to Japan with Taieri College.
·          Ohayoo Gozimasu" is a way to say hello.
·          Another way of saying hello at a different time of the day is "Konba wa".
·           How to ask a person what their name is you say "Onamae Wa Nan Desu Ka"
·          if you were a girl you would respond saying "watashi wa Jaylah desu".
·          If you were a boy you would say "boku wa Jonty desu".

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