Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger trouble

Blogger, who host our blog, had a bit of trouble last week and over the weekend so some of our posts and pages were lost. I think it is as recovered as it is going to be.
You will see a new gadget on the page today - where you can sign up to get email notification of any updates to our blog. It would be great if you got your families to sign up to this!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A new art experience!

Using willow charcoal rubbers and our fingers we managed to create a picture of a flower pot, an apple, a vase or a teacup and saucer. Taking into account the direction the light was coming into the picture we used our rubbers and our fingers to make the charcoal lighter. It created an awesome affect.

Our Buddies

Our buddies

On Fridays after morning tea the year 8s go into Room 1 and the year 7s go into Room 2.We start by them reading 2 books to us then we either type stories on the computer from their storybook or create some artwork. We all have lots of fun with our buddies and they love having us around.

When we are in room 1 we make things that start with the letter that they are learning for the week, e.g if the letter is L then we might colour in and cut out a picture of a lion that the buddies get to take home.

We have lots of fun with our buddies. We read lots of extraordinary books.  We created some little Easter baskets and put marshmallow Easter eggs in the baskets. I really like having buddies.  They are full of laughter and are very funny. We make them very happy. We do alphabet activities with them.

We go to room 1 & 2 and read to our buddies every Friday. Sometimes we make art with our buddies. One time we made flowers. We traced around our hands and we had a green background. After we had done that we drew on them to make them unique. Then we were done.

By Karen, Cayden, Emma and Nadia

Bob Bickerton

Bob Bickerton.

On Thursday the 5th of May rooms 5, 6 and 7 went to the hall to spectate a performance by the musician Bob Bickerton. He played many different and interesting instruments including even a glass bottle! He even threw in a couple of humorous jokes along with teaching us about instruments and how they work.

Bob Bickerton then played a song about native birds. We had to sing along. It was fun because we got to make the sounds of the kea, kakapo and tui. Then after that he taught us how flutes work. It has small pieces of paper which helps with the noises.  If it was at the top it would be low and if it was at the bottom it made the sound high.

Then he played the instrument that sounded like a buzzy bee. I forgot what it’s called but

I know that you needed some paper and wood and put the paper in a chamber of wood.

You use the paper like reeds, then he played the harmonica which has two reeds in each blowhole and the reeds are all different sizes to make the different sounds. Then we had to mime playing the instruments that he played on the stereo which was pretty hard.

 Bob Bickerton then pulled out his bag pipes. We all hoped he would play the Scottish tune we all know and love Scotland the brave. But instead he played a different tune he’d learnt. That day he also bought his guitar along and started performing with his guitar.

Bob Bickerton played the tin whistle which was from originally from Ireland. Then he played the harp he told us to imagine we were in the 1800 and then he played a drum that is used for tribal dances and songs.

The End… 

By Alysha, Brooke, Jackson, Matthew and Leon

Bond and Bond Fundraiser

Last week Mrs K came to school with lots of Bond and Bond flyers for us to deliver around Mosgiel. We each had to cover a street and deliver the flyers so that people can take it to Bond and Bond on George Street and get a discount on most things that they buy. St Mary’s School gets 2% of most sales made from Tuesday the 10th until Sunday the 15th of May.

Once we had handed out all of our flyers we had to come back to get some more to hand out around some more streets and if we had any spares we gave them to someone else that needed some. Mrs. K emailed some flyers to us for our family so they could come as well to get some great deals to.

Hopefully lots of people go to Bond and Bond and lots of sales are made so we get some money for our school. The fundraiser was a good idea because our school benefits from it.

Mother's Day

Mothers Day

Last Thursday at school we made paper tea cups for our mums for mother’s day. 

We started by picking a coloured tea cup and gluing it together. We also got coloured paper to cut a flower out. We then curled up the flowers with our pencils.   

We decorated them with the flowers we made and some lace that Mrs K had found. We also made them a matching card. We put them into a bag so our mums couldn’t see them and they would still be a surprise.

On mothers day I woke up and made my mum breakfast in bed. I gave her my card and the paper tea cup. I also gave her mothers day lotto pack. My mum loved all her gifts.

By Tayla A, Maddy, Zarah and James!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bob Bickerton

Today we were treated to a magical masterful performance...  The sound was truly AMAZING

Why do we like blogging?

Today we had a celebration of blogging.  We have had 1000 visitors to our blog and we reflected on what we enjoy about blogging. 

I like putting our school stuff on the blog. By Tayla A

I like interacting with other people.Emma

I like looking at the countries that have visited us. By Karen

I like adding photos of what we have done with Mrs K. By Brooke

I like looking at the interesting pictures by Tayla b

I like it when other people read our  goals  by Rhys

I like making avatars by James.

I like geting lots of vistros. by shannon

I like it because it's fun and I like getting comments. By Maddy

I like sharing work that we have done recently. By Sinead

I like taking photos for putting on the blog. by Tom

I like taking photos to put them on the blog. by Leon

I like talking to people on the blog. By Cameron

I like talking to people from different countries. Brianna

I like conecting to other people from around the world by Harry

I like sharing information on the blog. By Quitnin

I like uploading imformation and photos By Zarah

I like writing and veiwing comments that others have posted By Alysha

I like seeing what countries people come from By Kyle

We celebrated by wearing funny hats and creating message with lollies.

We even celebrated with iceblocks - thanks to Gerard for the idea!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

YAY - we made it to 1000 at 11.01pm

996 visitors as at 11pm on Sunday 1 May 2011

Who will be our 1000th visitor and will it happen on the 1st or the 2nd of May????????????????????????

How can we get families involved in our class blog???

Today I have been reading about class blogs and wikis and I have come across the following links.  I really would like our families to be more involved in our blog and I wonder what you think of these ideas.

...and have you checked the visitor counter?  Not long now til our celebration target!