Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bob Bickerton

Bob Bickerton.

On Thursday the 5th of May rooms 5, 6 and 7 went to the hall to spectate a performance by the musician Bob Bickerton. He played many different and interesting instruments including even a glass bottle! He even threw in a couple of humorous jokes along with teaching us about instruments and how they work.

Bob Bickerton then played a song about native birds. We had to sing along. It was fun because we got to make the sounds of the kea, kakapo and tui. Then after that he taught us how flutes work. It has small pieces of paper which helps with the noises.  If it was at the top it would be low and if it was at the bottom it made the sound high.

Then he played the instrument that sounded like a buzzy bee. I forgot what it’s called but

I know that you needed some paper and wood and put the paper in a chamber of wood.

You use the paper like reeds, then he played the harmonica which has two reeds in each blowhole and the reeds are all different sizes to make the different sounds. Then we had to mime playing the instruments that he played on the stereo which was pretty hard.

 Bob Bickerton then pulled out his bag pipes. We all hoped he would play the Scottish tune we all know and love Scotland the brave. But instead he played a different tune he’d learnt. That day he also bought his guitar along and started performing with his guitar.

Bob Bickerton played the tin whistle which was from originally from Ireland. Then he played the harp he told us to imagine we were in the 1800 and then he played a drum that is used for tribal dances and songs.

The End… 

By Alysha, Brooke, Jackson, Matthew and Leon