Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why do we like blogging?

Today we had a celebration of blogging.  We have had 1000 visitors to our blog and we reflected on what we enjoy about blogging. 

I like putting our school stuff on the blog. By Tayla A

I like interacting with other people.Emma

I like looking at the countries that have visited us. By Karen

I like adding photos of what we have done with Mrs K. By Brooke

I like looking at the interesting pictures by Tayla b

I like it when other people read our  goals  by Rhys

I like making avatars by James.

I like geting lots of vistros. by shannon

I like it because it's fun and I like getting comments. By Maddy

I like sharing work that we have done recently. By Sinead

I like taking photos for putting on the blog. by Tom

I like taking photos to put them on the blog. by Leon

I like talking to people on the blog. By Cameron

I like talking to people from different countries. Brianna

I like conecting to other people from around the world by Harry

I like sharing information on the blog. By Quitnin

I like uploading imformation and photos By Zarah

I like writing and veiwing comments that others have posted By Alysha

I like seeing what countries people come from By Kyle

We celebrated by wearing funny hats and creating message with lollies.

We even celebrated with iceblocks - thanks to Gerard for the idea!!!


  1. And that is most definitely something to celebrate! You must be collecting a sizable group of readers who follow your blog... Isn't that an amazing thought? 1000 people have read what you have written!? Congratulations - you are definitely published writers with a global audience - that's something to proud of but also something to try to maintain/develop...

  2. How wonderful it must be to reach a global audience, not just your local community.
    You will have to tell us what is up with the hats, I am glad that your liked the idea around the ice blocks, the students or blogging community are going to have to come up with what is going to happen next, what is your next milestone/celebration?
    I am sorry I was not online for a skype session with you, it would have been fun for my year 10 digital technologies class to see this in action and be a part of the celebration.
    I look forward to what your class will get up to next. Enjoy the challenge of technology.