Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bond and Bond Fundraiser

Last week Mrs K came to school with lots of Bond and Bond flyers for us to deliver around Mosgiel. We each had to cover a street and deliver the flyers so that people can take it to Bond and Bond on George Street and get a discount on most things that they buy. St Mary’s School gets 2% of most sales made from Tuesday the 10th until Sunday the 15th of May.

Once we had handed out all of our flyers we had to come back to get some more to hand out around some more streets and if we had any spares we gave them to someone else that needed some. Mrs. K emailed some flyers to us for our family so they could come as well to get some great deals to.

Hopefully lots of people go to Bond and Bond and lots of sales are made so we get some money for our school. The fundraiser was a good idea because our school benefits from it.