Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Buddies

Our buddies

On Fridays after morning tea the year 8s go into Room 1 and the year 7s go into Room 2.We start by them reading 2 books to us then we either type stories on the computer from their storybook or create some artwork. We all have lots of fun with our buddies and they love having us around.

When we are in room 1 we make things that start with the letter that they are learning for the week, e.g if the letter is L then we might colour in and cut out a picture of a lion that the buddies get to take home.

We have lots of fun with our buddies. We read lots of extraordinary books.  We created some little Easter baskets and put marshmallow Easter eggs in the baskets. I really like having buddies.  They are full of laughter and are very funny. We make them very happy. We do alphabet activities with them.

We go to room 1 & 2 and read to our buddies every Friday. Sometimes we make art with our buddies. One time we made flowers. We traced around our hands and we had a green background. After we had done that we drew on them to make them unique. Then we were done.

By Karen, Cayden, Emma and Nadia

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