Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's going on in our world today?

Tom went out for tea and had blue cod for his Dad's birthday. Leon had fish and chips. Rhys got stood on at rugby practice. Cameron returned to school after a few days off. Quintin had soccer practice. James had nothing to share. Matt and Shannon finished their pillows at technology. Matthew's rugby team is versing Dunedin in Dunedin this weekend. Kyle and Harry had nothing to share. Tayla, Alysha and Tayla had a jazz exam yesterday. Karen, Alysha and Tayla had a basketball game. Brianna is planning her party. Emma and Brooke had nothing to share. Zarah had another lollypop and found an outfit for a party. Maddy is shopping for a new phone. Sinead found her shoes that were never lost! It was Nadia's birthday on Tuesday. This afternoon our rugby team is playing Fairfield at Fairfield school.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Float that boat!

Today we had so much fun with our little foil boats. Mrs K thought we could make a boat with our tiny piece of foil to hold maybe 15 paperclips. Can you imagine her surprice when Tayla A got hers to hole 56? Then Kyle got his to float 63, followed by Qunitin floating 69. This is amazing. Well, what a surprise we got when Karen floated 101 paperclips.... Not to be outdone, the second group made their foil boats and look what happened. Nadia floated 120, Brooke floated 129! Maddy broke all the records by creating a foil boat that floated 201 paperclips!!!! What a lot of fun we had. Thanks Mrs Evans for the gorgeous paperclips! We know now, when we design our own boats that surface area and shape are very important.

Traditional Maori Kite

We read a journal story about making Manu Taratahi. It is from School Journal Part 4, Number 2, 2006.
On ‘boy day’ in room7 some of us made a kite out of bamboo wool and toitoi. First we cut the bamboo for the frame and tied it together with wool then we cut the bamboo to fit on the frame. As we went on we put on one piece at a time then tied it to the frame. When we were finished we added toitoi to the end of the frame. Unfortunately we don’t think it will fly. It took a long time and perseverance. We had boy day because the girls went to the Edgar Centre to play netball. You can see our master piece in the foyer. We recommend you go the Matariki festival at the octagon at 5:30 pm on June the 25th.
By Kyle, Rhys and Harry

Tinfoil boats...

Today we made boats out of tin foil. We started off by Mrs K reading us a story called: Mr Archimedes’ Bath. This told us about Displacement. Then we had the challenge to build a boat out of tin foil and see how many paper clips could fit in without sinking. So Mrs K showed us a piece of tin foil about 12cm x 12cm and showed us that it floats in a big trough then she screwed up a piece and dropped it into the water it sunk then bobbed back up. So then we made our own boats and sailed them. My boat held 69 paper clips. The person who held the most was Nadia who got 119! In the end it was a great time.
By Quintin

Lanterns for Matariki

Lanterns for Matarriki is about a brother and a sister called Anneliese and Damon, who find two strange objects lying under a hedge while they are at grans .Anneliese and Damon show their granny the strange mouldy object. Gran told them it was a kamokamo. Anneliese and Damon find some seeds in the Kamokamo and plant them. The next time Anneliese and Damon visit their gran they zoomed to the veggie patch to find the kamokamo. They were all bright orange and ready to eat so they cooked the Kamokamo and ate it. With the left over shells they made two lanterns for Matariki.

By James

Aotearoa's Star

Aotearoa’s Star also known as Eta Carinae is a star in the Milky Way. It is faded and fuzzy from the huge cloud of dust that surrounds it. It is 23000 degrees Celsius warmer than the sun, if Eta Carinae was were the sun was then all life on earth would be vaporised. Eta Carinae is unstable because it is running out of fuel. One day it will make a huge explosion called a Super Nova which will make it shine so bright that it would be even visible in day time. The pieces of star will join together to form silver and gold which in billions of years from then will make rings around some planets.

Lanterns for Matariki

Anneliese and Damon were playing tag in their granny’s garden when they found these funny looking pumpkins under a hedge. Their granny said they were called Kamokamo.

Damon shook one and it rattled some seeds fell out through a crack. So Anneliese decided to plant them.

When they came back a week later they had grown vines and found some small Kamokamo. Anneliese tried one and said it taste good and tasted like zucchini.

A week later they found that they were rotten with mould they washed the mouldy shells in soapy water and cut holes in them.

Their Granny put candles in them and lit them.

They made the lanterns to celebrate Matariki


Matariki is the start of the Maori New Year formed by stars called Pleiades. This appears during the rest of the year and comes again at the start of June!

News from our weekend

Maddy went to McDonalds for her sister's birthday and made cupcakes. Sinead went out for tea. Zarah got a new laptop and a lollipop. Nadia went out for a pre-birthday dinner! Year 8 girl's netball game had Nadia play for them, but had to play with 6 people only. Anahera played the last quarter. Despite having 6 people they won 11-8. Kyle had a 6 hour basketball camp on Sunday. Matthew's rugby team beat Alhambra Union. Harry had under 13 hockey trials. Quintin's soccer team won their first soccer game in two years. Tom got a wii. Leon played soccer and won. Jackson played video games on his PS2. Rhys went to Oamaru for horse riding.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo of the day from Nasa

Have any of you been on this site before? It is the Nasa photo of the day site and is full of interesting photos and information! Have a really good look around! Cool site.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stop and think before you click!!!

Please watch this and STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Farmer Brown - our persuasive letters....

Dear Farmer Brown

Click on this image and the book will open. Read and enjoy! We would love some feedback!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matariki lantern making workshop...

Okay, I know I told you I was going to a ladybird making workshop.... Well, that was last weekend.  The one we went to was bumble bees.  It was a lot of fun and way less stressful than last years dolphin.  I am looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.  If you would like to carry our bees in the Dunedin Winter Festival parade please send me a message.  Thanks. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Students teaching students!!!!

I love it when you can sit back and watch students teaching students.  Well done boys.  Kyle missed our writing session and Cameron explained the task to him and helped him achieve our writing goal and complete his task!  Impressive co-operation boys!

Jump Jam

Everyday at 10.30 the whole school gathers on the courts for Jump Jam.  What a lot of fun we have.  We are so lucky to have wonderful Year 7 and 8s to lead us each day!  Thanks!

The little yellow digger and more come to school...

Across the road from school, after many years of potholes, finally it is being sealed.  Many road working machines have worked away over the past weeks and on Monday the chip seal is going down.  I wonder if anyone will write a story about it.  I know the little people have really enjoyed watching the progress. 

What do you call a writer who is addicted to writing? Like a bookworm is it a writeworm???

You know you have an awesome writing session going when a writer can't leave his work......
Check back next week and you might see our published writing....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boy Day

Today the girls went to netball and we had 'boy day'.
We had six stations on the board and we could choose where we went and how long we stayed there.  We didn't have to do them all, we could go in any order and stay as long or as short as we wanted at the stations....  It was an awesome day....

Some boys started at 'Word Art'

Can you believe these awesome wordtoons??? And do you know the words they started with????

Some of us started with our tin cans, making lanterns for Matariki.  We found logs to put inside the tin to hold it in shape while we hammered holes in it in a pattern.  We added a handle and glued in a tea light candle. 

Others started stripping the leaves off the bamboo to make a traditional kite for Matariki!  We read a journal story and followed along...  I don't think it will be flying nay time soon but it sure looks great.  I was soooo impressed with the perseverance and patience shown by a few of the boys - well done - you know who you are!!!!