Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's going on in our world today?

Tom went out for tea and had blue cod for his Dad's birthday. Leon had fish and chips. Rhys got stood on at rugby practice. Cameron returned to school after a few days off. Quintin had soccer practice. James had nothing to share. Matt and Shannon finished their pillows at technology. Matthew's rugby team is versing Dunedin in Dunedin this weekend. Kyle and Harry had nothing to share. Tayla, Alysha and Tayla had a jazz exam yesterday. Karen, Alysha and Tayla had a basketball game. Brianna is planning her party. Emma and Brooke had nothing to share. Zarah had another lollypop and found an outfit for a party. Maddy is shopping for a new phone. Sinead found her shoes that were never lost! It was Nadia's birthday on Tuesday. This afternoon our rugby team is playing Fairfield at Fairfield school.

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