Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boy Day

Today the girls went to netball and we had 'boy day'.
We had six stations on the board and we could choose where we went and how long we stayed there.  We didn't have to do them all, we could go in any order and stay as long or as short as we wanted at the stations....  It was an awesome day....

Some boys started at 'Word Art'

Can you believe these awesome wordtoons??? And do you know the words they started with????

Some of us started with our tin cans, making lanterns for Matariki.  We found logs to put inside the tin to hold it in shape while we hammered holes in it in a pattern.  We added a handle and glued in a tea light candle. 

Others started stripping the leaves off the bamboo to make a traditional kite for Matariki!  We read a journal story and followed along...  I don't think it will be flying nay time soon but it sure looks great.  I was soooo impressed with the perseverance and patience shown by a few of the boys - well done - you know who you are!!!!

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