Monday, June 20, 2011

Float that boat!

Today we had so much fun with our little foil boats. Mrs K thought we could make a boat with our tiny piece of foil to hold maybe 15 paperclips. Can you imagine her surprice when Tayla A got hers to hole 56? Then Kyle got his to float 63, followed by Qunitin floating 69. This is amazing. Well, what a surprise we got when Karen floated 101 paperclips.... Not to be outdone, the second group made their foil boats and look what happened. Nadia floated 120, Brooke floated 129! Maddy broke all the records by creating a foil boat that floated 201 paperclips!!!! What a lot of fun we had. Thanks Mrs Evans for the gorgeous paperclips! We know now, when we design our own boats that surface area and shape are very important.

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