Monday, June 20, 2011

Traditional Maori Kite

We read a journal story about making Manu Taratahi. It is from School Journal Part 4, Number 2, 2006.
On ‘boy day’ in room7 some of us made a kite out of bamboo wool and toitoi. First we cut the bamboo for the frame and tied it together with wool then we cut the bamboo to fit on the frame. As we went on we put on one piece at a time then tied it to the frame. When we were finished we added toitoi to the end of the frame. Unfortunately we don’t think it will fly. It took a long time and perseverance. We had boy day because the girls went to the Edgar Centre to play netball. You can see our master piece in the foyer. We recommend you go the Matariki festival at the octagon at 5:30 pm on June the 25th.
By Kyle, Rhys and Harry

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