Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PCT Challenge

This year we entered three teams in the PCT challenge.  We had a great morning although our times weren't at the top of the scoresheet.  A huge thank you to Bridget, Geoff and Debbie who looked after our teams and transported us.

Golf Coaching

During Term 3 we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to have golf coaching with Melanie at Belleknowes and Taieri Golf Course.  Two groups had two 1/2 day sessions each, which was a great way to develop our skills.

Long time no posts!

It seems Room 7 have been so busy over the past term and a half we have forgotten to keep you updated.  Term 3 whizzed by and now we find ourselves nearing the end of Term 4.  Watch this space for some recent highlights to be posted.