Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rafting 100 Word Challenge

We were set the task of writing about our rafting trip during Term 1.  To do this we had to write 100 words.  Here are some pieces of writing for you to enjoy.

On Wednesday the 27th of March we were calmly floating along on a raft when we were ambushed by my dad and his band of miscreants.  Some of us abandoned ship and swam for another raft.  The rest of us grabbed for the paddles and soaked the others on their raft.  They jumped onto our raft and threatened to tip us.  We managed to get the stragglers off our boat and get away from the other raft.  To go faster we started to chant, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four etc.  We finally reached dry land and safety.  (by Max)

On the 27th of March we almost got killed by a bunch of hungry, hungry crocodiles when we were out rafting.  They were chasing us like we were their prey.  We were paddling away as fast as we could.  I said to Lesley, "They are gaining on us".
"All forward, all forward", yells Lesley.  We were all screaming our heads off.
"Help, help, help", we all cried.  Then I looked around to see the crocodiles almost eating my paddle.  All I could think about was dying.  I thought to myself, I'm too young to die.  Then I heard a helicopter.  I looked around no crocodiles. 
"Hooray, we are safe".  (by Jaylah)

Pirates jumping from raft to raft.  Dragging people off.  Swimming to safety from other pirates. 
A couple of weeks ago we went rafting.  Honestly it was like being a pirate, dunking people and raiding other rafts.  Our goal was to push or pull Lesley, one of the instructors off the raft.  I jumped onto my Dad's raft ..... and he chucked me off and made my mouth fill with water.  My shins were bruised and battered from getting pulled on. 
Rafting was a great success and was an awesome time.  I hope we do it again soon.  (by Callum)

On Wednesday Room 7 went rafting.  When we got into the raft we went to a big rock to jump off.  The girls held everyone up.  When they got out of the way it was the boys turn.

After the jump Brendan cut his hand on a rock, then we got back into the rafts.  We went around the corner.  People started to push people out of their raft, then we jumped from raft to raft, pushing people out of them.  All of the kids started to push all of the parents out but they could not get them out of their rafts.  Then we went back to dry land.  (by Tony)

Watch this space for the next installment of writing in a day or two. 

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