Friday, March 22, 2013

Highlights from the start of our year


One of our highlights is sailing.  We really enjoyed all the fun and fantastic activities we did and also enjoyed sailing in the optimist yachts. We listened to the instructor and he told us everything we needed to know about sailing. Then we started our way up slowly to allow us to learn all the different kids of sailing rules. We just can’t wait to start again next year or later this year!


Our second highlight is going to technology we love cooking, designing our own recipes, doing wood work and metal work. The types of pasta we make are really interesting and yummy. We are always very excited on Thursdays to start a new adventure.

Whanau Games

A few weeks ago we had Whanau games it was great fun and the activities were great for making us puff.  Some of the games were water race, blue mat, water balloons and more. We only do Whanau games once a year. The Whanau games were one of our highlights because we loved changing over to different kinds of activities every fifteen minutes.

Fear Factor

A couple of days ago some of the people in our class got put into groups of four (two girls and two boys).  The Fear Factor was all about testing your skills with what to do in a fire and what you would do if someone was in danger. This is our version of becoming a police officer.

We can’t wait until rafting next week! J

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