Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yay - back to school after the holidays!

Just what did we get up to in the holidsys? Tayla got two 3rds one 2nd and a vhc in her dancing competitions. Emma went skiing with her family. Alysha went bowling with Brooke and saw Mr S. On Sunday Tayla's netball rep team beat South Otago 29-10. Rhys went to see the Transformers at the movies. Tayla, Brianna and Karen went shopping in town. Tom went to Christchurch for a wedding. James went to a funeral in Invercargill and he went to Christchurch and saw Harry Potter. Harry got a baby calf in the first week of the holidays. At Jackson's holiday programme he played dodgeball and came second. Shannon's Dad had an accident on the black ice. Quintin went to his Nana's. Brianna went to Harry Potter again. Leon went to cars 2 in the holidays. Matt went to Queenstown skiing. Matthew went to Carisbrook to see Fiji versus the All Blacks and went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Kyle went to a two day cricket camp with the volts and he made a snowman. Cameron went luging and iceskating in Naseby and made a snowman. Zarah, Sinead, Nadia and Maddy played netball and won 9-8 against Outram. Zarah went shopping in town and got a lolly pop from Granny Annie’s. Sinead went shopping with Rylee and got some tops from Supre and Jays Jays. Maddy went shopping with Annalise Mel and her Mum and got two tops from Jay Jays. Nadia got a goat. His name is Billy Bob Hornington, went to the Beach and had Fruit Loops for the first time! Mrs K went to an awesome conference in Invercargill and learnt soooooooo much - and she can't wait to share it with us. What an exciting holiday we all had. I can't wait to see more about it here soon.


  1. What a great idea to combine everyone's experiences from the holidays into one big post, that was a truly great idea! Really interesting too to read all of the very different experiences that your students have had.

  2. Thanks Mr Webb and Room 8. It was a great way to get a lot of info onto the blog really quickly! We love holidays. We hope you all had a great holiday.
    Mrs K and Room 8