Sunday, July 8, 2012

Foodbank Appeal

In the Room 7 the Young Vinnies group had a project to help the Taieri Christian Care Foodbank. On the 21st of July we met Christine at the foodbank. We talked about how much money things cost such as groceries and bills. Some people don’t have enough money to balance their budget so they take money out of their shopping leaving not enough there for food.  This is why we need to have the foodbank. While we were there Christine asked us some questions and then gave us a tour of the food storage area and counter where people come when they need some assistance. They give out a few parcels a year to each family. They have a lot of food but they need more toothpaste, coffee, toilet paper, Milo, Sugar, Spreads and a few more things. We had a Wacky Mufti Day to collect items for the foodbank. We had triple the success because East Taieri and Outram also got involved with the appeal.  We got heaps of cans and other supplies. We collected the cans ourselves and had to sort them into boxes in categories. Michael from the Taieri Herald came and took photos of the collection and all of us. When he was finished we put away our groceries and finished packing. At the end we had 21 full boxes of food. The foodbank is going to pick it up tomorrow.

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  1. Well done Room 7!
    The wacky mufti day was a fantastic idea.
    -Michaela :)