Thursday, April 30, 2015


Today two firefighters visited Room 7, they were Scott Lindsay and Anthony Mason.  They talked about the role of firemen and that their work isn't just dealing with fires, but being at car accidents, helping people with their animals, first aid, and of course teaching people how to be Firewise.  

The firemen showed us a video of a lit candle sitting right below a curtain, the curtain lit on fire and it showed how it doesn't take long and your whole house could be burnt down in seconds from something as simple as that. They said how a candle holder should have a big and flat base and that you put the candles on flat surfaces. Never put a candle on a shelf as it will heat the shelf above it and it's all bad news from there. 

Always store matches and lighters on high to reach cupboards so they are out of the way of younger people. If you ever find matches and lighters on the ground or anywhere give them to a parent or any other adult. 

I personally really enjoyed learning about how to be Firewise.   We had the best firemen to teach us as they were serious about fire and their job but funny at the same time. 

All I need to do now is check the fire alarms and smoke detectors and you should to.

By Bridget

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