Saturday, June 13, 2015

Putting our Life Education learning into practise.

During our first sessions with Pip we focused on our nutritional needs and how our body uses energy.  
Our final session in the Life Education Bus involved us working in groups to create healthy menus for the day which incorporated the appropriate serving amounts people our age require for optimum health and growth for the food pyramid.

We then looked at some pictures of meals where we had to come up with ways to make the meals we were presented healthier by changing the cooking method, adding necessary food groups or replacing items with a healthier option e.g. changing chips in a lunch to air-popped popcorn, rather than frying fish grilling it, making homemade wedges rather than having fries.

This was a great way to consolidate all of the information we had acquired over all of our sessions.  

Now for us to put this into practise when we cook and prepare food for our family.

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