Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our first blog posts...

HELLO EARTHLINGS, I am Alysha and I come in peace. I live in a little town of Mosgiel in New Zealand. Most of you people would probably not have heard of Mosgiel but I would not live anywhere else. Dancing is my passion because my granddad founded a dance school and I do Jazz, Ballet and Hip-hop. Pasta is my favourite food. I love the creaminess of the cabonara sauce and the softness of the pasta itself. Mac and cheese is good too. BA BA BA BING A TANGO FANDANG!!!!!! Those are some of the lyrics form my favourite artist that hardly anyone knows about. Her name is Louise Harman a.k.a Lady Sovereign. She has many songs but my favourite song by her is tango. So that’s about all you need to know about me so…… GOODBYE EARTHLINGS 

Hello everyone my name is Emma I’m am 12 years old and my hobbies are horse riding, singing, art and drama. I love animals. I have two ponies at home and I love going trekking and going to the beach on them. I live on a farm with lots of animals. We have sheep, horses, chicken, dogs and cows.

Hi my name is James. I Like comics and MAD magazines I have lot of comics and even more MAD magazines. I play rugby and I also can play the ukulele.

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