Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tayla's blog...

Hello there my name is Tayla and I’m going to tell you about me. First of all I’m going to tell about my hobbies.
One of my hobbies is ballet. I love ballet. I’m in grade five and I also do jazz and hip-hop. And I am crazy about chocolate and I am a little bit weird according to my friends but I don’t know what they are talking about. Sometimes I can be really annoying and sometimes I just talk too much. I love guitar and singing. Sometimes I sing in the shower and my sisters think that I sound really bad but I just tell them that they can’t sing either so yeah. I have a pet dog called diesel and she is a y head fox terrier and she is really weird. Once she peed on my bed and I am also thinking about getting a pet mouse and I want to call it Rufus. Yes I know it’s a funny name but I like that name. I also like to go down to my motorbike track and just play around on my motorbike. Once my sister went for a ride and we could not see her and she fell in the ditch.

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