Monday, March 9, 2015

It was an amazing feeling when ......

Writing about a positive life experience:

As we jogged onto the pitch I felt as though my heart was in my mouth, something was eating away at my insides.  I gaze up alert and ready for the ball, I see the bowler sprinting down towards me ball in hand.  Watching the ball closely I step towards the ball, I hear the almighty crack, my heart sinks I feel like my legs are lead.  I snap my head back as relief floods through my body as I watch the ball race towards the boundary for four.

Next ball is speeding right for my toes, I flick it away for a single.  Five runs I tell myself, forty-five more to go.  Four dot balls later its the end of the over, that went quicker than I thought.  Twenty quick runs later, six more overs gone and its a loopy spin bowler, my favourite.  First ball, crack right out of the middle of my bat but fielded on the boundary, two runs, next ball, bang six runs!

Sixteen runs later, forty-nine runs.  I'm more nervous than I've ever been in my life.  Its back to the opening bowler.  He runs up and heaves the ball down at me, I middle it right down to the boundary, fifty-five runs.  Job done.

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