Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cameron's rafting update

Yesterday we went rafting at the Outram Glen. When we got their Callum and Ange were their waiting for us. They checked our gear and then we started our long 1 and a half our trek along the glen track. It was hard in spots because it went up and down. We finally got to the end and the jet boat driver was there. We got our life jackets and we got on and went up the river through rapids, round big rocks while on our way to the rock garden. I was one off the first one up there so we got off and saw the 4 awesome rafts that we were going down in. I got my helmet and then we had a look round and the rest off our class came up. We had lunch and then in no time we were getting ready to go on the rafts and go down. I was in group one and their were 9 people on my raft. Our first stop was at Bum Rock, it was a rapid and we went down on a back and it was really fun we got back on and it went really quick and soon we were back at the carpark where we started our walk from. We got out and we had a play in the water for bout 10 minutes, then we got out and got changed and went home from our very, very awesome day.
From Cameron

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