Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mufti day in Red and Black for the Canterbury Earthquake Fund

On Tuesday we had a red and black mufti day to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake fund. We gathered together for a prayer and silence.
Karen and Tayla got the wonderful opportunity to count all the money raised. Would you believe our school raised $993.70 - what an AWESOME effort.


  1. This is nice having a silent time and praying for the people that got hurt from the earthquake, and it was nice for the people donating money to help them. Well check out our blog my two classmates and I are fifth graders! I hope you guys have time to check it out, and tell others to check it out too, and if you want to get new information everyday you should check this link out,

  2. Yeah it was really good thanks. We raised $993.70 and we have about 160 people at our awesome school. If you look at the top photo i am on the left and my other friend tayla is on the the right!Thanks for your comment:)
    from karen:):):)