Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four photo views

Thanks to the wonderful Rachel we spent time today taking photos from a variety of views! We took loads of photos and looked at them all to reflect on which view it was, what we liked about the shots and what we could improve on. We put the photos around Rachel's posters to make sure we have a very clear understanding of the views. FUN FUN FUN


  1. these views are amazing, awesome shot guys!!!

  2. Wow we are really awesome photographers. HeHe

  3. I agree, awesome shots from awesome photographers... Looking forward to more photo fun on Thursday!

  4. Hi I am Hannah from Pams class. I am so happy that we are doing quad blogging with you. Your blog is awesome.Keep up the good blogging.Wow you have done some AMAZING photographers.

  5. Thanks Hannah, I am soooo glad we are doing the quad blogging with your class too. Check back on Thursday for some more photo fun. We are looking at close up shots and using the flash!
    Mrs K

  6. Hi Room 7,

    I am so glad you enjoyed using my resources to help you with your learning in photography. What fantastic photos you have taken!

    You should write some stories using some of your photos as inspiration!