Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sinead's rafting adventure

On Wednesday we went rafting. We started with a long walk which took us around 1 hour an 15 minutes. Then when we arrived at rock beach we got our lifejackets on and then Steve took us in the jet boat to where we were having lunch (Rock Gardens).We had sausages and a piece of fruit and some drink for lunch. After lunch we got ready to start rafting!!! 1 of our guides (Callum) showed us the white water position then we were off. We rafted for a bit and then we come to a big rock called Bum rock. We got out of our rafts and lined up we went down in the white water position we nearly hit the rock but then curved around and most of us lined up for a second go because it was so much fun!! We got back in our rafts and then some of us jumped out after a while the water was so cold. After a while we made it back to the starting point. We asked Mrs B if we could have a swim in the Outram Glen so we had a 10 minute swim and then our awesome day was over :( The day was so much fun :) Sinead

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