Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emma's rafting adventure

Our Rafting Adventures!

On the 16th of March our class went rafting. We started off with Callum checking that our shoes, jackets etc were ok for rafting. Then we started the walk. It took an hour. We also had to look out for oonga oonga which was a plant that could kill a pig dog. When we reached the end of the walk we had to put on life jackets then go on the jet boat to the rock garden. Once we got there we had to get a helmet that fitted then we had to wait around till the sausages were cooked. After we had eaten Callum showed us how to use the paddle and the white water position. Once we were in our rafts we carried on down the river to bum rock when our raft tried to go through the middle our raft tipped two of the people fell out we collected them and put them back in the raft then we stopped for a break. Some of us went in the white water position and floated down the river it was so much fun then we got back in our rafts and went further down the river and Callum said we could go swimming as Tayla and I were about to jump out Ross pushed us out into the water we got back in the raft and paddled back to the starting point then we got out of the raft and thanked the guides for taking us.

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