Thursday, September 15, 2011


 On Thursday we had the dreaded cross country and it was very cold so we thought we didn’t have to run it, but of course, we had to run it. The juniors ran first and about half of them cried after they had run it. By the time it was our turn most of us were frozen solid… but by the time we started running we got the feeling back in our legs, feet and faces. 


  1. Why did they cry, are they okay, how did you do and did you cry too? We ran in the cold weather yesterday. How cold was it there? It was 75 degrees.
    From, Geneva, Sam, Kirby U.S.A.

  2. Sorry, your teacher made you stand out in the rain and freeze your legs, hands, and what ever else was frozen. Is the Cross Country team fun?

  3. hi, thanks for your comment
    thankfully i didn't cry but I did come third so I was pretty happy with that.
    It was a whanau competition and our whanau came first. it must have been about six or seven degrees (celsius)
    how did you do in your race?
    from Leon