Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tom's Cross Country

On Thursday we had the cross country. At the start of the day it was raining so we thought we wouldn’t have to run but yes we did. The juniors had to run first in the rain and the freezing cold wind. But when the year 8’s ran it was sunnier which the only good thing in the whole day was. We were off and Cameron and me where leading around the first corner but then Cameron slowly got further away from me but overall I was happy because I got 2nd.
By TomJ    


  1. Hi Room 7,
    I'm Charlotte from Pam's class in Adelaide.
    Nice post Tom it was very descriptive. Poor juniors I for one would not like to run in the rain. Maybe next time see if you could get a picture. Just saying because it would make it even better.
    From charlotte

  2. I don't think a cross country would be all that bad because this summer i had to stay up all night running at the relay for life TOUCHER. But it was still fun.

  3. Wow, that's really cool, you must run very fast!
    How old were you when you did Cross Country?

    From Sierra, USA