Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugby Caricatures

Mrs S gave me a copy of rugby caricatures.  We each got one to look at and try and decide which All Black it was.  A caricature usually exaggerates a feature.  We found it really hard to work out who some of them were so we had to go to our resident expert Matthew.  He knows sooooo much about the RWC and he identified and sorted them all.  Kyle and Matt helped him put them all into their positions and make a poster.  Did they get them all right?  The poster is up in the school foyer for you to check out and comment on too.  

We even have caricatures of the coaches.  Do you recognise them?


  1. We are a class from near Washington DC and this was very interesting for us to look at. It was also very difficult as we do not follow rugby as much here. GReat idea to do caricatures though. Thanks. Mrs. Conners 8th Grade World Geography class, Virginia, USA

  2. Hi there, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. The Rugby World Cup is on in New Zealand for the next 6 weeks so it is very exciting for us. There is a team here from the USA and we have their flag and jersey up in our class. We will post them later this week for you to see. The opening ceremony for the World Cup was amazing. We will try to share some of that on here too.
    Mrs K and Room 7

  3. That looks like such a wonderful resource, do you have a link to it or a place where we can find the pictures, that might be something that we could use in Room Eight here in Hamilton, before the All Blacks play against Japan on Friday.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  4. Hi Myles, thanks for the comment. Can you send a number for me to fax them to you please - I only have a paper copy! They are very cool aren't they!

  5. Poor Anthony Boric. He's not there!! He's one of my faves!!!:(