Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quintin's Cross Country

Today we ran the cross country at Brookland’s park. (Aka the Rec.) Our class watched all the younger classes go until it was our turn to run. All the year 8’s at the starting line and Mr. B said. “On your marks, get set … Go! We were off, Cameron at the lead followed closely by Tom then Leon, afterwards me, then Jackson and James. In the end Cam came 1st then Tom 2nd then Leon 3rd and me 4th followed by James and Jackson. I strongly dislike cross country so it wasn’t a good afternoon for me.
By Quintin


  1. Hi congrats on coming 4th. It looked like a hard race for the little kids. How far did you have to run? Do you run much yourself?

    From Cameron

  2. I enjoyed reading your story.I agree I don't like the cross country as well.I like the picture.Did she win?

  3. I strongly agree with you it was not a good day for the cross country don't you think???

  4. Thanks for your feedback guys. No unfortunately my buddy dind't win, Kyle. We had to run two times around the Rec and I don't run very much either Cameron. Yes I do think that it was not a good day for the cross country. Did anyone esle enjoy it?