Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Matthew's predictions for week 4!

Who Matthew thinks will win in the weekend!
Friday:  the Springboks will probably beat Samoa about 31 - 24! Good luck to both teams
Saturday: Australia will beat the Russians about 78 – 12.
                   France will beat Tonga 34 – 17
                   England will beat Scotland 40 – 31
Sunday:  New Zealand will beat Canada 91 – 23
                   Argentina will beat Georgia 48 – 17
                   Ireland will beat Italy 17 – 16
                   Wales will draw with Fiji 20 – 20


  1. Wow some big predictions there Matthew! It will be interesting to see how close your predictions are.

  2. Yes, I think you've made some very good predictions for the games, it will be interesting to see how close they come, and maybe if its not right why that it wasn't right.
    Mr Webb and Melville Intermediate School, Room Eight, Waikato, Hamilton.