Monday, September 19, 2011

Week One RWC according to Matthew!

Rugby world cup week 1

In the weekend rugby world cup kicked off with All Blacks vs. Tonga. The 1st half was amazing for the All Blacks but the All Blacks were dreadful in the 2nd half.  But still they kept the lead to win 41-10.

Day two Fiji vs. Namibia
The first 15 minute had Namibia lead but the rest of the game was Fiji who won 49-25. Scotland vs. Romania It was entertaining but Scotland came back in the final 10 minutes to win 34-24.  
Later that day Japan vs. France   Right on half time Japan scored and continued the good form. But France gave them a punishment when Japan was close with ten minutes to play. Argentina vs. England was one of the biggest games in pool play.   The goal kicking was dreadful but at half time Argentina led England 6-3 and England had a man in the bin. In the second half England got the only try scored by Ben Young and England won 13-9.  Sunday had only two games. Ireland took on the USA. I thought Ireland would destroy the USA but the Eagles did amazingly, but no competition points. The Springboks had their opening game vs. Wales which was close but the Springboks won 17-16!      



  1. Matthew, thank you for a fantastic report on week one of Rugby World Cup. Your report is very thorough and entertaining. I am really looking forward to reading a report from you each week! I would love to hear more about how you enjoyed being there for the England vs Georgia game!
    Mrs K

  2. thank you for the for the comment I hope more people will comment in the review it was a lot of hard work.Matthew

  3. Matthew that's a great review of the first week of action, don't forget you will need to do the same with the week just completed. I watched all the games that you mentioned and I enjoyed how you included your opinion in some of the reviews, it made the review sound more personal. In your review of the South Africa Wales match did you think Hooks penalty in the first half that was disallowed actually went over?

  4. Great to see if I miss watching any of the games Matthew that I can get a comprehensive review from you. You have a fantastic knowledge of the All Blacks and the World Cup. Well done. From Mrs Baines