Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nadia's Cross Country

Nadia Cross Country story

On Thursday September 15, 2011 it was cross country day. I was so nervous, I don’t know why, but I was. We went over to the rec and watched the little kid’s races. Finally it was time for our race. “Ready Set Go” Mr. Bros said. At first it was all three of the year 7 girls racing like crazy but then I raced out in front and I thought to my self YAY I’m winning. When I was coming though the finish line I couldn’t be happier the race was finally over. I had won. Then after a long race I went to get a drink.

By Nadia           


  1. I forgot to ask last time, do you like running or are you just good at it???

  2. Cool story . Cool how you came first .I came 3rd
    from zarah

  3. Hey Nadia
    That's awesome that you came first.
    Personally i don't like running but i can see that you do.
    Do you ever not like to run?
    By Maddy